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Sherb Quake is a unique Indica Dominant strain grown by crossing the Ice Cream Cake x Sunset Sherbert BX1. This strain is perfect for those looking for a full body and mind high. Its ability to provide an energizing, yet calming effect makes it truly unique. Like it’s name, the Sherb Quake has a creamy and sweet, dessert like flavour with a tangy exhale. Due to its high THC content, this strain is amazing for treating symptoms of anxiety, pain and depression.

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  1. SugarTits (verified owner)

    I loved this strain! It’s a good daytime or nighttime smoke if you go hard. It tastes delicious, it reminds me of fried icecream. Creamy and sweet with a bite of nutmeg and almond nuttiness. Inhale deeply and your body gets the tingles and your mind starts flying high! ❤️ This one!!! Thanks for another wicked product guys!

  2. Shamil (verified owner)

    This cross is delicious with sweet terps plus it will get you deeply high !!!!!

  3. tien (verified owner)

    I love this strain so much, the taste is so nutty and citrus and the texture of the LSO flower ground up is beautiful, sticky, fluffy, and rolls up super easily.
    The smell of my QP was insane, buds are beautiful! The high is beautiful as well, as Sugartits would say “Hits you with a wicked high but can still get shit done” Also burns icy white ash with a thick resin ring. Glad I picked up this QP

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