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Orangeade strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a spicy, fruity flavor. The THC content of this strain ranges between mid to high. Among the three terpenes found in this strain, Limonene is the most dominant, followed by Caryophyllene and Humulene.. Together they produce a strong citrusy taste. The mood-boosting effects of Orangeade strain make it a popular choice for patients suffering from anxiety and depression.

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Orangeade Cannabis Strain

Hundreds of cannabis connoisseurs relish adding divergent strains into their collections for various reasons. Their latest collection is the orangeade cannabis strain. 

The orangeade marijuana strain is a vibrant orange and grape flavor that gives anyone the boost needed to take on any day. Since it brings people the desire to socialize and become more upbeat than usual, it’s one to add to your collection. 

Orangeade cannabis strain is one to put into your inventory if you haven’t tried it out for your everyday wear and tear. 

Today, we are going to dissect more about the bud to give you an idea of how it may react with your internal being. 

What Strain Is Orangeade?

The strain is a delectable mixture of tangy and purple punch that picks you up during the day. It packs a sweet flavor profile with unique colors and noticeable notes. 

It holds 15% to 20% THC content with robust mixtures of terpenes known to give light lifting effects and others. 

The terpenes inside the Orangeade strain are humulene, limonene, and Caryophyllene. These give the bud the citrus appeal many begin to love and use in their daily routines.   

Orangeade is a favorite of most individuals in the market enjoying their smoke session or baking it into their baked goods. 

What Does Orangeade Mean?

Since the strain is a combination of citrus and purple punch, you get the name orangeade. It’s a cross of the two flavor profiles that make the strain what it is today. 

Many consume it daily due to the taste it provides and how it’s constructed from seed to full plant growth.

Where Does Orangeade Derive From?

The strain was bred by symbiotic genetics in 2014 in collaboration with The Village and Budologist. Due to the citrus terpenes, they’ve given the strain name Orangeade. 

The origin of the two strains orangeade stems from is Skunk #1, the tangy tastes you feel, and purple grape taste tones from Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple. 

Orangeade cannabis strain is a direct descendant of these well-known marijuana lines. 

There are several individuals around the world who know of the fine quality strain and relish partaking in it.

Is Orangeade An Indica Or Sativa?

Orangeade is a sativa-dominant and hybrid strain bringing people a ride and improving their daily slumps.

Although the orangeade strain has about 50/50 of indica and sativa, it’s considered sativa dominant. The mildly high THC content is responsible for the uplifting effects of many experiences.  

The bud shows lime green flowers with bright orange hairs on the apex. From there you get white frosts all over the bud that gives anyone the need to inhale it. 

What Are The Effects Of Orangeade? 

Considering it’s a hybrid with two strain combinations, it brings out a rush of sensations within the cerebral areas of the body. 

The Orangeade cannabis strain influences the appetite organ function and other areas. By keeping yourself well-fed after using Orangeade, you can avoid hunger pangs. 

Those feeling down, stressed out, or seeking to reduce hunger sensations enjoy consuming this variety. 

The compound humulene inside Orangeade is why some users enjoy eating anything after smoking.

Humulene is the main terpene found within the strain that’s responsible for poking the physical signals that consist of the mind and entire body.

In all, it’s not overly relaxing with a mediocre body-high feeling due to the sativa compounds inside the cannabis bud. 

What Does Orangeade Smell Like?

Orangeade smells like citrus and fruity grapes with a strong limonene terpene. Terpenes are responsible for making the buds smell aromatic and delectable. 

You won’t find many strains with these notes that contain an orange punch you will want to share with others. 

What Does Orangeade Taste Like?

Orangeade has hints of citrus-like fruits from orange, tangerine, and lemon with grape. Some describe it as tangy with other fruitful tastes. 

By toking it in various ways, the tongue’s taste buds signal the brain that it’s time to enjoy a citrusy sensation. 

How To Consume Orangeade Cannabis Strain?

The best way to consume the bud is through a vaporizer, bong, or another inhaler method. By using these methods, the effects hit the body faster than baking them into a dessert. 

The strain is even tastier if you bake them into delicacies, but the effects aren’t immediate. 

How Long Will It Take For The Effects To Take Place?

The effects become absorbed in the body instantly or within a few minutes if smoked from a bong of vape. 

If consuming an edible of the strain, it affects the body within 30 to 60 minutes depending on the quantity taken and your body structure. 

How Long Does The Strain Last In The Body?

The strain can last up to two hours with the right amount of consumption. Some users enjoy a long-lasting energetic feeling. 

Everybody reacts to Orangeade differently, so the period of effects can vary from person to person. 

How Can You Tell It’s Orangeade? 

The buds are lime green with orange pistils cascading around with a light white frost touching the edges of the bud. 

You will know the strain by the way it looks since it appears in a lighter green than a darker green. The bright orange coloring around the bud is enough for anyone to know it’s an Orangeade cannabis strain. 

When Is The Right Time To Partake In Orangeade? 

Anytime is the best time for you to inhale or consume orangeade, but typically the afternoon, evening, and night is the prime time. 

It depends on your daily activities and your preference that can determine the time you love enjoying a toke session. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Orangeade Cannabis Strain?

Numerous users feel certain side effects of the marijuana strain like dry eyes, red eyes, paranoia, and heightened sensory perceptions. 

The side effects associated with smoking Orangeade are divergently unique from one person to the next person. 

You won’t know until you try the cannabis buds that determine how you feel about it. Many try it for the first time with no problems, but others try it and have a host of problems. 

The strain is a good option to add to a person’s work-life activities or lazy weekend days. By using Orangeade with the right intention, you can have success. 

How To Grow Orangeade?

Orangeade is challenging to find when you’re looking for seeds to grow your own. But once you find some, growing the plant is easier. 

The best way to grow is indoors since you can get buds all year-round and you won’t need to move it around in random places. Also, it’s easier to control the environment by setting up the proper CO2 levels, temperature gauges, and humidity ranges.  

When grown indoors or outdoors, pruning it and keeping pests and fungi away is a surefire way to have successful growth. 

It shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to keep pests and fungi at bay since the plant has a high resistance to them. You can expect the plant to grow up to 7 – 8 feet in height and that’s pretty tall. 

The flowering time for the plant is about 65 to 70 days with a high yield of 400 grams of cannabis per square foot. 

A medium experienced grower has a better time maintaining the growth rather than a beginner. 

How To Grow Outdoors?

You can grow outdoors based on how the climate reacts within the place you’re residing. For California, growing outdoors in the spring and summer months is an ideal time to begin. 

However, not all places have the same climate and you may need to identify the best growing times for your location. 

Depending on how well your plant holds in certain weather conditions during the summer months, your plant has a good chance of blooming ripe buds. 

What Are Similar Strains Of Orangeade Cannabis Strain? 

There are strains similar to orangeade that are Abusive OG, Cherbacio, Cherry Cola, and Bond Road Kush. With many cannabis strains, you may have a hard time picking one. 

These are great if Orangeade isn’t what you’re looking for in a marijuana flower. By giving them a try, your strain collection will be larger. 

They have similar terpene profiles, textures, smells, and tastes, but are slightly different for you to consume daily. 

How To Get Orangeade Cannabis Strain?

You can get cannabis flowers by purchasing from a legal online store or getting seeds to grow in your own home. 

Keep in mind there are a few scammers within the online world. You may need to begin researching the background of all businesses selling cannabis to keep you safe.

By identifying the correct regulations in your location, you may be free to grow the required amount in your home. 

Every state has unique regulations that must be followed thoroughly before you begin to grow plants. 

There are several plants you’re able to grow in one state that is distinct from another state. 

Some also require a person to have a medical permit to grow plants, so it’s best to find out the guidelines and rules for growing cannabis. 

However, if you find you’re allowed to grow then you may receive the benefits it provides. 

By growing yourself, you can boost the potent effects the flower already has that give off euphoric sensations due to the THC content it provides.

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  1. Tricia (verified owner)

    Really nice big buds, huge buds.

  2. Crabe (verified owner)

    Was a decent strain. Clean smoke. Burned relatively clean and had a nice mild citrus flavor. Good day time smoke with mellow sativa bake. But for that sale price you can not go wrong.

  3. xanaxhoe1 (verified owner)

    Nice big buds and when I bought this I was thinking it would be some good day time smoke since its sativa dominant nope not for me I save it for bed

  4. david_williams1990 (verified owner)

    Normally buy smalls but bought some Orangeade on sale. Amazing quality for the price and as everyone else has stated nice big buds. Strong high, pleasant smell and nice buds is always 5/5. Add the amazing price during sales and its 6/5.

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