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Moby Dick Strain AA+


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Moby Dick Strain AA+


Moby Dick is a sativa dominant hybrid strain known for its energetic and uplifting high. It produces a strong sense of euphoria that can provoke somewhat psychedelic effects when consumed in larger quantities. This White Widow x Haze cross leans heavily on the sativa side (75% sativa / 25% indica), with powerful effects you’d expect from a strain bred from two of the most popular strains of all time. With THC levels that can reach up to 27%, Moby Dick is definitely one best suited for those with experience smoking strong weed. It’s unknown whether Moby Dick is named for its incredibly strong potency or its huge yields, but one thing is certain. This strain is as legendary as the mythical creature for which it was named. 


Moby Dick is a primarily sativa dominant hybrid with fast-acting, powerful psychoactive effects. It’s known to stimulate an increased sense of euphoria quickly after consumption, guiding consumers into a state of blissful positivity and feelings of total contentment. Moby Dick could be considered a socially stimulating strain, one that inspires uplifting conversation while encouraging laughter and increased camaraderie. Anyone interested in a strain that noticeably increases happiness and feelings of wellbeing may find exactly what they’re looking for with Moby Dick. 

Like most sativas, Moby Dick contains an energizing quality that is combined with exceptionally clear focus and enhanced creativity. While energizing and uplifting, Moby Dick also offers a sense of increased relaxation that can be excellent for stress relief and letting go of unnecessary tension. It is considered an excellent strain to increase a euphoric ease that is mentally uplifting and physically relaxing without being sedating in the slightest. 

The effects of Moby Dick are sometimes described as markedly psychedelic when higher doses are consumed. However, most contend these feelings are more enjoyable rather than overwhelming. Moby Dick is a strong sativa strain best suited for daytime use by experienced cannabis consumers. If you’re prone to smoking weed in the morning, you’ll be pleased to know that many cannabis consumers describe Moby Dick as the perfect wake and bake strain. 

Therapeutic / Medical Uses

The strong, sativa dominant effects of Moby Dick make it an excellent strain for specific therapeutic effects including, fatigue, depression, nausea, and loss of appetite. 


For those suffering from fatigue, Moby Dick may help increase energy and focus. It’s a great strain for daytime use, which may assist those who suffer from fatigue to more easily attend to their daily tasks. 


The euphoric, uplifting effects of Moby Dick can be excellent for those who experience depression. The energetic and blissful high may help to significantly ease symptoms of depression such as sadness, loss of interest in activities, decreased motivation, mood swings and more. Many consumers of Moby Dick report that the strain increases feelings of positivity and overall wellbeing. 

Loss of Appetite / Nausea

For individuals who have lost their appetite, Moby Dick could help. Known to cause the “munchies,” significantly increasing hunger, Moby Dick is a strain that may benefit patients undergoing chemotherapy, individuals with eating disorders, and anyone experiencing a reduction in appetite. 

Moby Dick is also reported to be excellent for nausea, with effects that can be felt almost immediately. 

Appearance / Aroma / Flavor

Moby Dick is a strain with thick, dense buds that are characteristic of high-quality AA+ cannabis strains. Shades of light to dark green intermingle with medium orange hairs in Moby Dick’s visually appealing flowers, which are covered in gorgeous white crystals that reflect the strain’s powerful THC content. 

The aroma of Moby Dick draws from both parent strains, carrying a distinctly citrusy, earthy scent that is somewhat sweet. With hints of eucalyptus and creamy vanilla, Moby Dick’s unique scent blends aromatic characteristics from both White Widow and Haze, each notoriously famous their dank, complex aromas. 

The flavor of Moby Dick is similarly suggestive of its scent. You’ll find a sour, lemony taste on the inhale that is coupled with a soft, creamy vanilla and hints of earthy pine on the exhale. The flavor of Moby Dick is incredibly pleasing to the palate, one that is strong but not at all overwhelming. It’s a smooth flavor offering an easy inhalation and exhalation that won’t send you into a fit of uncontrollable coughing. 

Strain Grade AA+ Hybrid: White Widow x Haze

Strain Effects: Euphoric, uplifting, energizing, creative, talkative

Therapeutic / Medicinal Use: Fatigue, depression, stress, loss of appetite, nausea 

Aroma / Flavor: Citrus, lemony, earthy, pine


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