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McFlurry is a 50%/50% sativa and indica strain, with a powerful potency at 20-34% THC. This strain is known to be energizing, uplifting, and anxiety relieving. This a very flavorful strain with a range of sweet and sour herbal notes and a bite of a mocha coffee with a hint of chocolate.

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McFlurry Strain AAAA LSO



McFlurry is a rare, perfectly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica / 50% sativa) with powerfully potent effects even the most experienced cannabis consumers will appreciate. The genetics of McFlurry are unknown, making this top shelf strain somewhat of a mystery which only adds to the enticing experience it offers. 

McFlurry belongs to a class of AAAA strains, or “Quads” that are widely considered to be the best of the best in the Canadian cannabis market. Being an LSO strain, McFlurry is cultivated in organic living soil without the use of any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers/chemicals. 

With THC levels ranging from 20-34%, McFlurry is best suited for individuals who prefer their weed on stronger side. Not recommended for beginner cannabis consumers, McFlurry is known for its extra potent effects that veteran smokers even consider to be some of the strongest. 


The effects of this premium hybrid strain are considered some of the most potent in the industry, strongly influencing both body and mind. McFlurry’s heavy-hitting effects are typically felt quickly after consumption. 

Consumers will feel an elevated sense of euphoria almost immediately after inhalation, with a strong buzz that makes its way down the body. The heavy-handed indica effects of McFlurry might not exactly make you feel couch locked, but could make users feel a strong sense of physical relaxation that is somewhat sedating. 

The psychoactive effects of this supremely strong strain border on extreme euphoria, uplifting consumers into a head high unlike most have ever experienced. The mental effects of McFlurry are said to boost mood into a state of increased happiness and intense pleasure. Because this strain is so strong, the mental effects can become a bit intense. Again, McFlurry is a strain recommended for experienced cannabis consumers accustomed to smoking notoriously strong weed. 

Therapeutic / Medical Uses 

McFlurry’s extra strong, evenly-balanced hybrid effects make it an excellent medicinal option for those suffering from depression, chronic stress, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and bipolar disorder. 

Depression / Chronic Stress / Anxiety 

Both indica and sativa strains cannabis strains can be beneficial for mood disorders like depression, chronic, stress, anxiety and bipolar disorder. McFlurry is a perfect balance of both indica and sativa and is considered to be a beneficial strain for managing mood. 

The uplifting sativa properties of this strong strain may help boost mood, increase one’s ability to experience pleasure and enhance motivation. The indica characteristics found in McFlurry may help calm stress, help with relaxation and allow individuals suffering from insomnia to get the sleep they need. 

Bipolar Disorder

For those with bipolar disorder, McFlurry may help enhance mood and encourage feelings of positivity. Some have found the effects this powerful strain may be beneficial for managing mood swings, elevating mood, increasing interest in life, and reducing anger or aggression.  

Chronic Pain

Cannabis is one of the most popular substances for naturally alleviating chronic pain. Research shows that indica strains are preferrable by medical marijuana patients for managing chronic pain, and McFlurry’s heavy-hitting indica properties are said to help pain simply melt away. It may also help those who have trouble sleeping due to chronic pain. 

Chronic Fatigue

McFlurry also has potential benefits for those who suffer from chronic fatigue. Some of the symptoms of chronic fatigue McFlurry may help mitigate include: improving chronic pain, boosting mood, alleviating depression, improving sleep and helping to alleviate headaches. 

Appearance / Aroma / Flavor

McFlurry is a strain that looks just like what you’d expect any extremely appealing premium, top-shelf bud to look like. The appearance of McFlurry is as gorgeous as the strain is powerful. Vibrant light green buds with tiny brown hairs are extremely dense and covered in white crystals.

The pungent aroma of McFlurry is earthy and spicy, combined with the classic, aromatic diesel accents cannabis is famous for. Think dank, strong and powerful. You’ll also find McFlurry contains subtle hints of coffee overtones, with a slight hint of caramelly vanilla. 

McFlurry flavor is very much similar to its enticing aroma. The taste of this rare strain is one you’d expect from any top shelf bud: purely delightful and tremendously pleasing to the palate. McFlurry is a strain with a flavor that is both sweet and sour. It contains slight suggestions of creamy mocha coffee on the exhale, with a somewhat cakey taste that tends to linger. 


Strain Grade AAAA LSO Hybrid: Unknown genetics

Strain Effects: Strong, mood boosting, euphoric, relaxing, somewhat sedating

Therapeutic / Medical Use: Depression, chronic stress, anxiety, chronic pain, bipolar disorder

Aroma / Flavor: Sweet, sour, diesel, coffee  


  1. tien

    Bought an OZ of Mcflurry in smalls, and this strain is one of my favorite flavor profiles, creamy Mac lemon doughy taste, and smell, with a mindblowing cerebral indica high, ash was nice and clean, really enjoyable strain!

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