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El Chapo crosses  Sour Diesel IBL and  Headbanger. Offering a gassy aroma with fruity undertones, El Chapo produces a heavy high thanks to the Biker Kush in Headbanger.

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El Chapo Strain AAA



El Chapo is a strong, indica-dominant hybrid famous for its rapid onset and heavily sedating effects. This Sour Diesel x Headbanger cross stems from a lineage of sought-after strains known for their powerful effects, and El Chapo is a strain that lives up to this family line. There’s also no doubt that El Chapo lives up to its name. Named after the legendary Mexican drug lord, El Chapo is hard-hitting, powerful, and to the point. Boasting THC levels up to 23%, El Chapo is best suited for those who prefer their marijuana strains to be strong. 


El Chapo is perfect for those who prefer a strong strain with effects that come on fast. The heavy effects of El Chapo are typically felt quickly, offering an almost immediate mental boost of wellbeing that lifts one into expanded states of euphoria. The blissful head high then moves its way down into the body, progressively offering a deeper sense of physical relaxation until a feeling of strong sedation sets in. Because of its heavily sedating effects, El Chapo is a strain recommended for nighttime use, or whenever sleep might be welcomed. 

Therapeutic / Medical Uses

Strong and stemming from a lineage of strains known for their powerful therapeutic effects, El Chapo is an effective strain for a variety of different uses including stress, depression, anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and insomnia. 


El Chapo’s notoriously relaxing effects have made it a go-to strain for individuals suffering from sleep issues such as insomnia. El Chapo is also an excellent marijuana strain for those who simply have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep through the night. Its sedating strength will have even the most problematic sleepers lulled into a peaceful slumber in no time.  


The intense sense of relaxation that El Chapo is known for makes it an exceptionally effective strain for those who suffer from stress, whether chronic or situational. With a quick onset of joyful euphoria that quickly moves into strong, soothing physical relaxation, El Chapo is a strain perfect for releasing tension and letting go of daily and chronic stressors. El Chapo plays a double role for those who can’t sleep because of stress, as well as for those who are stressed because they can’t sleep. 

Depression / Anxiety

Not only does El Chapo offer a sense of deep, full-body relaxation, it also deeply relaxes the mind. For those who find they suffer from anxiety and/or depression, El Chapo can quickly lift one’s mental state, bringing on a burst of feelings of elevated wellbeing. Following these feelings of euphoria, the mind is sent into a deep state of relaxation where thoughts begin to slow down. This can be an excellent remedy for those who find their overactive minds lead to a state of anxiety or depression, ultimately offering the relief they so desperately need. 

Chronic Pain / Inflammation

High THC levels that can reach up to 23% make El Chapo a strain excellent for pain relief. Many find that El Chapo helps ease physical pain, including chronic pain resulting from inflammation or nerve damage. Strong indica-dominant strains such as El Chapo are known for their significant pain-management effects, and the presence of OG Kush in El Chapo’s Headband genetics are said to lend to its pain-relieving properties. The sedative-like effects of El Chapo can also help those that have difficulty sleeping due to chronic pain. 

Appearance / Aroma / Flavor

El Chapo is a strain with a stunning appearance. Dense, beautiful popcorn-shaped buds are a medium green hue with very light hints of orange tinted hairs. The aroma of this bud is as appealing to the senses as it is to the eyes. 

El Chapo’s scent combines lemon citrus hints mixed with strong hints of earthy pine and diesel thanks to its Sour Diesel and Headband roots. El Chapo also offers a sweetly, aromatic aroma that’s almost reminiscent of candy. When burning El Chapo, you’ll find it contains the classic aroma marijuana is famous for. 

The flavor of El Chapo is just as lemony sweet as its scent, offering an extraordinary taste that is extremely pleasing to the palate. El Chapo tastes much like it smells, with strong a strong lemony, candy-like sweetness with very light hints of the classic earthy, skunky flavor most people associate with marijuana. 


Strain Grade AAA Hybrid: Sour Diesel x Headband x OG Kush 

Strain Effects: Mood-boosting, euphoric, relaxing, sedating

Therapeutic / Medical Use: Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation 

Aroma / Flavor: Lemony, sweet, earthy, pine, diesel 



2 reviews for EL CHAPO STRAIN AAA

  1. Kale Love

    I really enjoyed this kush strain. Id say for the price but tha5 wouldnt do it justice. Very nice gassy cheaper GAS nice range in size of nugs . Crystal dank sticky. Cant miss!!

  2. tien

    REALLY nice strain, super potent, and very tasty, the terp profile is nice and GASSY, the smoke taste like I am smoking hash it is insane, and the resin coats my mouth as well, and it burns clean!! This is a banger as well

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