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Dancehall, a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid, was bred by Reggae Seeds by combining Juanita La Lagrimosa (a Mexican-Afghani-Spanish hybrid) with Kalijah (Blue Heaven crossed with a Mexican-Afghani hybrid). Named after a style of Reggae played in times of celebration, Dancehall will lift your spirits to a happier place where creativity and social bonding thrive. As its flowers mature, vibrant shades of green, blue, and red twist underneath its crystal trichomes while aromas both swet and spicy dance from cracked buds.
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If you’re looking for a nice uplift without a trainwrecking high, Dancehall CBD flower is a premium choice. This 60/40 sativa dominant hybrid is a compelling mix of Juanita La Lagrimosa and Kaljah, which leads to this reggae tributary strain. Reminiscent of euphoric dancehall music and the wild streets of Jamacia, this CBD strain is the ideal choice for an elated pick-me-up that you can use throughout the day. Since it only has about 1% THC (or less), Dancehall is an excellent starter strain if you’re on the hunt for natural remedies for medical or recreational use. 

Dancehall CBD Flower Effects

Dancehall CBD is a top choice for a social strain. Instead of locking you into the couch, Dancehall will ease anxiety and bring out your creativity. You may find yourself hitting the dance floor, chatting with friends, or reaching for paper and a pen to let your artistic side thrive. Dancehall is known for its long lasting effects that’ll keep you grooving without a heavy come down. 


Since Dancehall is CBD rich, it doesn’t have the hard hitting effects that THC has. Instead, it’s a lighter strain that promotes euphoria, lifted spirits, and a desire to get closer to those around you. And the best part is that it leaves you with a clear head to tackle whatever the day throws at you with ease. Since it won’t send you to bed, this is a choice strain to use all day long without the onset of fatigue or laziness. 


Quick Info: social, creative, uplifting, euphoric, energizing, long lasting

Dancehall CBD Flavors

Dancehall CBD has a unique earthy flavor with distinct notes of sweetness and spice. You’ll get plenty of fruity and floral flavors as well, with pineapple leading the way. Finished with a woody, diesel undertone, Dancehall is one of the rare CBD strains that tastes as good as it looks, creating an unforgettable consumption experience. 


Quick Info: earthy, tropical, floral, woody, diesel

What Does Dancehall CBD Help With?

Dancehall CBD flower can help with a wide variety of ailments, from chronic pain to mental stress. Whether it’s for medical or recreational use, Dancehall is cherished for its far reaching benefits. 


Well known for its inflammation alieving effects, Dancehall can help with anything from muscle aches and pains, to cramps, migraines, and nausea without completely melting you into bed. It’s also an ideal choice for a euphoric effect, making it a top contender to mitigate depression, as well as promoting general well being. 


On top of all of this, Dancehall CBD can help with deep focus, social interaction, and fatigue reduction, thanks to the uplifting element of the strain. Though keep in mind that the strain has long lasting effects, so it should be used throughout the day, rather than close to bedtime, as it has the potential to keep you up for hours on end. 


Quick Info: inflammation, aches & pains, migraines, depression, fatigue, focus

What Does Dancehall CBD Flower Look Like?

Dancehall CBD flower is a stunning variety, with vibrant shades of blue and green, soft red hairs, and crystal-like trichomes. At first glance, the buds look quite fluffy but throw them into a grinder, and you’ll quickly realize how dense this strain really is. Featuring a neon top shade with deep, dark undertones, you’ll be hard pressed to find a bud as pretty as Dancehall CBD flower. 


Quick Info: neon green and dark blue buds, red hairs, crystal trichomes

FAQs About Dancehall CBD

If you still have some lingering questions about Dancehall CBD flower, check out these FAQs for some final answers. 

What strain is Dancehall?

Dancehall CBD is a 60/40 sativa dominant strain. It comes from a mix of the rare Juanita La Lagrimosa (which is dubbed the “mother of modern CBD strains”) and Kalijah (an indica dominant hybrid of Blue Heaven and a Mexican-Afghani strain). 

What does CBD flower do to your body?

CBD flower is well known to reduce conditions such as inflammation, chronic pain, seizures, and anxiety. It’s known to mitigate appetite loss, nausea, and even depression. Some CBD strains can also boost energy and reduce fatigue, making it a powerful tool for increasing the quality of life for those struggling. 

Is CBD flower considered a drug?

CBD in and of itself is a chemical found in marijuana, and a certain form of CBD is an approved prescription drug in the USA for treating seizures. That said, most drug tests look for THC levels in one’s body, and since CBD typically has a THC level lower than 1%, it’s unlikely to appear on a drug test. However, it’s still a possibility, so it’s important to inform relevant parties of CBD use if this is a concern. 


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    Really nice cbd weed. It’s often hard to find a cbd flower that have a nice taste and smell but that one does. I would recommend to anyone who’s lookimg to smoke without getting that thc effect.

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