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Cream is an indica-dominant cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato. Flavours  are minty, citrus-hops flavor, with earthy coffee notes, a hint of berries, and a creamy vanilla finish.


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The Cream cannabis strain is a compelling indica dominant hybrid, that comes from a mix of Wedding Cake and Gelato. It has a medium THC content, hovering between 15 and 20%, making it a gentler strain that can be used throughout the day without sending you straight to bed. That said, thanks to the heavier indica in this strain, it’s known to make users a bit sleepy, so keep this in mind when you settle in for a smoke. The Cream strain has various benefits, such as alleviating stress, battling depression, and combating physical pain, which is why it’s an ideal choice for both experienced and novice cannabis users seeking relief (or simply a nice high). 

Cream Strain Effects

Thanks to the indica side of the Cream strain, this marijuana variety is a good choice for slowing down and relaxing. Since the THC content isn’t crazy high, the effects are not as hard hitting as some other strains. However, Cream does plenty to provide a nice experience, giving users a gentle uplift before rocking them down slowly. 


Thanks to the sativa in the strain, this hybrid’s Gelato side promotes euphoria and happiness, while the potent Wedding Cake strain helps calm things down and create a feeling of center and balance. You’ll likely want to chill on the couch with this one, so throw on a movie and enjoy the bliss of Cream wash over you. 


Quick Info: euphoria, happiness, focused, sleepy

Cream Strain Flavors

The Cream weed strain has a lovely flavor profile that will keep your mouth watering for more after each hit. It starts with a minty, citrusy-hop mix that’s refreshing on the palate, with earthy, herbal undertones with a hint of coffee. It stays true to its name with a creamy vanilla flavored finish as the cherry on top of this premium strain. 


Quick Info: mint, citrus, earthy, vanilla, creamy

What Does Cream Help With?

The Cream weed strain is well loved in the recreational and medical marijuana communities as it helps mitigate plenty of aches and pain. Since it’s not super hard hitting, Cream is a choice strain for combatting mental battles like depression and anxiety. It helps slow the user down and quiet their mind to find peace and enjoyment in the day. 


Cream is also known to help with physical ailments like chronic pain, inflammation, appetite loss, and insomnia. A few tokes of Cream before bed is the perfect catalyst for some much needed physical respite or just a great night’s sleep. 


Quick Info: aches & pains, inflammation, appetite loss, anxiety, depression, insomnia 

What Does Cream Look Like?

The stunning Cream strain is hard to forget once you see it, as the beauty is simply remarkable. We’re talking about a dense, light colored bud with darker undertones. Cream is covered with plenty of rusty orange hairs and glittering white trichomes that give this bud a frosty, ice cream like appearance. This bud is so beautiful that you may be tempted to eat it, but we promise it’s even better ingested using traditional methods like smoking, vaping, or consuming as an edible. 


Quick Info: dense light green buds, rusty orange hairs, lots of white trichomes


Overall, Cream is an outstanding marijuana strain with a stellar flavor profile and noteworthy physical and mental effects. Whether you’re looking for your next go-to bud, or hoping to target specific aches and pains, Cream is a worthy contender well worth trying. 

FAQs About the Cream Strain

If you still have some questions about the Cream weed strain, check out these FAQs for more answers:

What is Cream cannabis?

Cream cannabis is a weed strain that’s a cross between Gelato and Wedding Cake. It’s an indica dominant hybrid, with uplifting effects thanks to Gelato (a mix between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert) and calming sensations from Wedding Cake (a hybrid from Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies). It has a medium THC percentage, making it suitable for heavy smokers and newbies alike. 

Is Cream an indica or sativa?

Cream is an indica dominant hybrid created from Wedding Cake and Gelato. The indica in the strain creates heavy calming effects, while the sativa side promotes euphoria to combat feelings of depression and anxiety. 

What strain is Cream OG?

Cream OG may be referring to the Cream weed strain outlined above or can be shorthand for the Banna Cream OG strain, that’s a hybrid mix of Blue Dream, Banana OG, and Ocean Beach OG. 

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    Loved everything sampled 6 quads at BC CANN CO I rated 5 of them 5 stars. This was heavy on bag appeal but not as smooth vape experience with me and milder terps, just not for me and my honest rating for value.

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