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So with the spoon test this is a roughly 80-85% melt. This actually brings me way back to high school days I actually had to go and purchase a hash pipe just to try it . This is considered a Full Melt Bubble hash but as always I like to downgrade it and mark it exactly how I see it. Really extremely tasty and powerful I can say that I have not been that heavily sedated in a long while . Try it yourself I promise you won’t be disappointed !

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  1. saudi

    Smells like shatter when burnt, my guess it’s kief shatter not hash. Hard but malleable when heated, felt like a shatter high too. Still hit good so can’t complain, resembles black afghan method hash, I guess pre-old school considering how much that shit would be cut xd. Not 100% certain it’s kief shatter since I don’t have a lab at home, but can’t imagine this is full-melt (personally never encountered black full-melt either). Would love some clarification if I’m wrong.

  2. SugarTits

    Good gracious. Huge THC amount in this product. I felt like I stood still while the Earth dropped below my feet. Suddenly the Moon wasn’t far away. Then, back into orbit with a safe and gentle landing back on Earth. It has a woody/piney taste and is delicious!
    Would definitely buy again!!

  3. LakerBoy (verified owner)

    Very potent and terpy. Should be always on the menu thru out the year. Heavy hitting bubble hash.

  4. LakerBoy (verified owner)

    Shit is fkn potent. This is the shit ai love to smoke….it always kicks my ass. Oh yeah slaps hard. Terpy as fuq. Not something u want to smoke before you work. Not a good idea.

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