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Bop Gun is a potent hybrid of Do-Si-Dos and Papaya. A gassy sweet aroma producing a relaxed body buzz that doesn’t hinder productivity. Packing a powerful punch, this high relaxes the mind & body.

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3 reviews for BOP GUN STRAIN AAA

  1. Bcreeferman

    Recevied oz of small’s as part of promo. Great strain, everything description say it bang on 💯🔥🔥🔥. Customer service and shipping was great and fast.

  2. tien (verified owner)

    Amazing strain, huge stinky buds, reeking of fruit & sweet gas, texture was perfect not too sticky, not too try, burns a white ash with thick resin ring, high was off the charts for me lol, in a good way, will def buy more!

  3. Frank (verified owner)

    i agree with other reviews, it’s a nice fruity strain with a nice indica high but not too heavy.. you can smoke this during the day if u got nothing important to do. The smoke is very smooth and tasty, produces alot of oil on my big doinks.. i enjoy these buds alot !

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