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How To Buy Cannabis Online In Canada?

Bud Empire offers a large variety of AAA grade cannabis. AAA grade cannabis is known for its attractive appearance, with vibrant green buds and visible trichome crystals, as well as a range of colors including purple, yellow, and orange hairs.

The popularity of AAA grade cannabis is due to its moderate THC and CBD levels, pungent aroma, and reasonable price point. It provides a satisfying psychoactive effect without being too strong, making it a suitable option for those looking to relax and unwind. Our AAA sativa strains can also provide a boost of energy and uplift your mood after a busy week.

Our Top Selling AAA Weed Strains

At Bud Empire, we offer a variety of popular AAA grade sativa and indica strains. Our selection includes both premium and budget-friendly options that have been carefully processed and packed to ensure quality. These strains contain enough THC to provide a satisfying psychoactive experience.

Some of our top-selling AAA grade strains are:

When to choose AAA grade strains?

AAA grade cannabis, also known as triple A, is a highly sought-after quality in Canada. While it is not as strong as the AAAA or AAAAA grades, it still has thick, green flowers with many trichome crystals in shades of purple, orange, and yellow. These flowers contain enough THC to provide an average user with a satisfying psychoactive experience over a period of time.

As one of the biggest dispensaries in the industry, Bud Empire has stringent quality standards. Our flowers undergo thorough grading and curating processes to ensure they are free of defects, have a desirable burn to ash ratio, and do not produce unwanted side effects. Only after meeting these standards are our flowers made available for purchase.

Our customers can trust that the AAA grade cannabis they purchase from Bud Empire is of the highest quality and meets their needs.

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