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Buy Cannabis Online Canada 101: What You Need To Know

As the legal restrictions for purchasing marijuana online continue to loosen, it’s now simpler than ever to do so securely and discreetly.

Furthermore, you have a plethora of amazing products to pick from. While purchasing cannabis in store remains the very popular, more Canadians are buying cannabis online in recent years.

While the process of buying cannabis online in Canada is rather straightforward, there are a handful of nuances to be aware of to guarantee you’re receiving high quality products at a competitive price, like at Bc Cann Co.

Let’s dive in!

How To Buy Cannabis Online In Canada?​

The best place to buy cannabis and other cannabis related products is definitely BudEmpire. We offer competitive pricing, regular discounts, and free shipping over $100. We’ve grown this company based on our VIP customer service experience. 

You can rest assured you’re getting the best cannabis from expert artisanal growers out of British Columbia. Throughout Canada it’s difficult to get similar quality bud. Luckily, we ship Canada-wide!

Check out our online cannabis shop to find the best place to order cannabis online in Canada and throughout every province.

How To Buy Cannabis Online In Canada?​

According to Public Safety Canada, if you’re of legal age to consume cannabis, you have the full responsibility of identifying and purchasing from authorized legal weed retailers.

Just because Canada regulates cannabis, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s full-on legal to purchase however you want or from whoever you want.

Canada’s regulations in each province and territory are clear on how to locate online cannabis retailers you can legally purchase from.

Each province and territory will have slightly different procedures to be aware of as you’re going through the checkout process for traditional dispensaries. However at 
BudEmpire company you can order hassle-free.

Purchasing your favorite products for online delivery, is as simple as buying anything else online – we accept cash, e-transfer or bitcoin. Bitcoin purchases receive a 10% discount.

To purchase legal cannabis online in Canada, legal retailers will naturally require you to verify your age and will only accept your typical major credit and debit cards.

As you’re checking out, you’ll notice that each province and territory will have standard mandatory symbols, health warnings, child-safe plain colored packaging, and an excise stamp.

It’s important to pay close attention to the excise stamp legal retailers are required to have on all cannabis products.

Every province and territory will have a similar (yet different and distinct) maple symbol with unique colors signifying what location you’re in.

Legal online shipping for cannabis products is only available within your province and territory.

BudEmpire is the better alternative for buying quality weed online in Canada, versus inferior, poorly managed provincial retailers.


Why Buy Cannabis Online?

With online shopping quickly becoming the go-to norm, buying cannabis online in Cannabis should be no different than buying anything else from online retailers.

Most Canadians buying cannabis online enjoy the good old fashion convenience of ordering your next fix from the comforts of your home in your pajamas.

Others simply don’t like the intimidating and overwhelming feeling of entering a cannabis retailer in person.

Due to the ease and simplicity of quickly popping online and browsing through endless amounts of new and exciting products, most Canadians are getting used to skipping the lines and opting in for at-home delivery.

Where’s The Best Place To Buy Cannabis Online In Canada?

Overall, the best place to buy marijuana online in Canada is from Bc Cann Co.

The first aim of an outstanding online dispensary in Canada starts by giving consumers the most secure, dependable, and safe purchasing experience they have ever had while buying pot online. That’s our commitment.

We’ve made a promise to stock items of the highest quality available on the market. It is foundational for a prominent online retailer.

Every order you deliver to your door should be well secured while arriving in discreet smell-proof packaging.

For a consistent experience of buying premium cannabis online in Canada, we have stellar reviews, friendly customer service, and affordable safe quality products.

Our company has several years of expertise in the marijuana market, offering high-quality artisan flower, edibles, concentrates, and more.

After you experience the speed and convenience of ordering cannabis online with Bc Cann Co, you’ll be confident that you’re getting some of the highest-quality cannabis products on the market.

Are There Age Restrictions To Buy Cannabis Online Canada?

Most provinces and territories have a legal age requirement of 19 years old.

Alberta is currently the only location in Canada where you only have to be 18 years of age to purchase weed online or in person.

Whereas Quebec currently has the highest age restriction of 21 years old to purchase cannabis in Canada online.

BudEmpire happily serves all customers over 19 years of age.

Is There A Limit On How Much Cannabis You Can Buy Online?

Since every province in Canada establishes its own rules, what’s permissible can change and is subject to different laws.

Current Canadian law in all province and territories limit you to purchasing 30 grams of cannabis online or in person, at one time.

While 30 grams of cannabis is just a little bit over one ounce, you’re able to get up to 60 joints. 

BudEmpire allows you to buy wholesale cannabis orders and any quantity you would like to order.

Can You Buy Cannabis Plants Online And Grow At Home?

Adults in most provinces and territories are permitted to have four weed plants per home for adult enjoyment. 

These restrictions were recently put into place by the Canadian federal government.

While not every province and territory is allowed to grow weed at home, this law could change very soon as lawyers are in the process of making a constitutional challenge. 

Furthermore, even after double-checking your local laws, your landlord might be able to restrict you from growing cannabis at home.

If you’re living in an apartment complex with multiple families or there are established bylaws, you may not be able to grow cannabis in your residence.

Is Buying Cannabis Online Worth It?

Some individuals are hesitant to buy marijuana online because they don’t understand how it works or believe it’s a fraud.

Certain misconceptions can keep for from enjoying the ease and convenience of buying cannabis online in Canada.

However, this doesn’t need to detract you from purchasing quality, safe, legal cannabis products online for at-home delivery.

What makes buying cannabis online in Canada a breeze starts with the simple straightforward information regarding what cannabis companies are legal in every province and territory.

Purchasing cannabis online from Bc Cann Co is discreet, safe and convenient for our customers.

Simply put, when you buy cannabis online, you’re not buying it from a random anonymous person. You’re purchasing from a trusted dispensary with stringent protocols to ensure the highest quality product and service.

Once you order from us, you’ll feel confident that you’re receiving the highest quality product available on the market.

Plus, you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your house to receive a large order that can last for an enjoyable amount of time.

It’s comforting to know, that when you start to run low, you can quickly pop online to your favorite online Canadian cannabis retailer, order the products you want, and sit back and wait for your quick delivery.

What Are The Best Cannabis Products To Buy Online?

With the rapidly growing popularity of cannabis in Canada, new products are constantly being added to the menu for your pleasure–especially at BudEmpire.

Due to the vast amount of unique different types of cannabis products you can quickly order online in Canada, the best products are highly personal in what you prefer.

While cannabis gummies are becoming a consumer favorite, a lot of consumers enjoy their good old fashion flower.

Other users enjoy the convenience of vape cartridges for on-the-go, fast-acting use.

Most new users find they like ordering small amounts of several different types of products to see what they actually enjoy using the most throughout the day.

The best way to find your favorite products is through trial and error.

It’s recommended you start with the lowest possible dosage and slowly work your way up to larger amounts until you achieve the results you desire.

Once you find your winning combination and your favorite products, you can quickly bookmark your favorite online cannabis vendor to further boost the speed and convenience of enjoying your online delivery.

As always, before you take your cannabis products you recently ordered online and take them out into public or travel with them, it’s recommended to check with the most recent local cannabis laws.

Each province and territory will have slightly different restrictions on age, possession limits, and ability to consume in public or private.

BudEmpire stocks only the highest quality flower, extracts, edibles and other cannabis products. Shop now to check out our latest cannabis selection.

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